To say social media usage has exploded in recent times would be stating the obvious. Surveys reveal that LinkedIn has over 100 million users, Twitter has over 200 million accounts and Facebook is crossing 600 million users. The manner in which B2C and B2B buyers identify and share information is being influenced enormously by social media.

Our profession demands that we closely follow customer behavior patterns and help our clients adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

Aware of the fact that social factors are increasingly influencing search engine rankings, we undertake social media and search engine integrations. After careful study, we suggest a marketing plan designed to make your business rank high in the present socially optimized world. We help our clients move ahead with times and start expanding their presence.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have all gained wide recognition and there is now a compelling necessity for you to register your presence on these social media giants. Simply stated, social media marketing is highly helpful for every business that has customers using the internet.

Our design team will come up with attention-grabbing social media layouts for your business to capture attention. We also help you maintain your accounts and promote your business through these with regular posts and interacting with your fan followers and prospects.

Social media marketing is powerful marketing tool for small and medium businessworking on a tight budget. This is one way you can reach thousands of existing and prospective customers spread all over the globe without incurring heavy ad expenses.

We can guide you on selecting the sites that are important for social media marketing and the sites on which you should concentrate. Obviously, the social media site where your prospects are predominantly found will be the right one for you. The chief advantage about social media is – you can track wherefrom your clicks are coming, which site is most rewarding and sends you the highest-converting traffic, etc.

After the success of social media marketing, marketing experts have now moved on to creating highly successful campaigns through social media optimization. The premise is to optimize websites using tweaked search engine optimization tools so it can be linked to social media posts and thus, be available to a larger audience.

With more and more users being online on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and others, it becomes extremely important for businesses to successfully use these avenues for promoting their products and services.

At Vidhi, we take social media optimization very seriously. Our team of experts undergoes a rigorous training module and have years of hands on experience in creating high performing social media campaigns for a vast array of businesses.


  • Create a powerful online brand that is synonymous with users and helps target new customers through continuous content updates.
  • Adding fresh content gives users something to talk about, increasing indirect promotion and generating a buzz about new products.
  • Can also help in creating alternative streams of consumer interaction through blogging, micro-blogging, and effective social media presence.
  • Participating in social media discussions with customers enables you to understand their needs and solve customer problems easily, increasing brand loyalty.


  • Preliminary consultation which includes website analysis and a thorough analysis of current social media presence.
  • Increasing static content to generate more links, allowing users to share new things and talk about your brand.
  • Creating videos and audios and marketing them through viral methods.
  • Advanced plans for rewarding users and keeping them engaged so as to promote brand.


  • A highly experienced and certified team of social media optimization experts who launch your campaigns from start to finish with ease.
  • Increasing static content to generate more links, allowing users to share new things and talk about your brand.
  • Budget friendly solutions for all businesses, allowing small and medium businesses to compete with the big fish.
  • High performance results by a team of subject matter experts that delivers on time solutions so your mission critical requirements proceed seamlessly.