Software Development

Product development is more than engineering software, it involves redefining the market by having a true pulse of the market’s needs. Vidhi employs expert product managers, software architects and offshore product developers who are experts across software platforms including Microsoft.Net, ASP.Net, HTML5, Java and PHP, making Vidhi a serious product development partner for those who are serious about building an IT driven business.

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Website Design & Hosting

Today’s websites need to be much more than a checkbox to mark your presence online. They are increasingly becoming holistic marketing tools that may or may not be as easy to search and find as others, that house and share content, that engage users in a memorable way. They are often businesses within themselves.

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Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) is managing of the web content by your technical and non technical staff with the facility to create, edit, manage and also publish all types of content subject to a set of centralized rules, process and workflows that facilitates presentable validated electronic content.

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SEO Optimisation

SEO is website optimization that fetches natural results from all leading search engines. SEO aims at promoting websites based on the natural search engine results as opposed to sponsored links. SEO will keep your website appearing on the search result pages for an indefinite length of time.

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Other Services

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When it comes to website development, our singular aim is to enable our clients to progress as swiftly as possible through web presence – from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.
We have an excellent team of website development professionals who are experienced enough to develop websites of any complexity. We provide turnkey solutions from front-end design & development to backend programming and maintenance. Our team uses latest technologies and industry trends to develop your websites in order to give you the best.
With the use of Web 2.0 tools, Vidhi can help you develop Enterprise 2.0 applications. Whether you need to develop a new Product for your business or are looking to overcome a challenge with a web based solution, our expert web development team can help you.

Our team has excellent capabilities in LAMP (PHP/mySQL) and ASP.NET/SQL for web application development. We use 3 tier architecture for most of our applications and believe in modular approach to development. We work on frameworks and standardized coding. We document all our codes and ensure our applications are robust and easily extensible.

Unsurprisingly, E-commerce development has assumed enormous importance in the modern day business world. It has helped commercial units as well as end-customers to break the barriers of time and distance to sell, buy and transact business. E-commerce has made the entire world look too small.

Retailers are coming online and are looking for secure and flexible way of selling their products. Ecommerce has allowed users to shop online easily and with more security.

Vidhi offers turnkey ecommerce solutions from complete design, front-end development to backend development. Our store management solutions include catalog management, inventory & stock management, vendor management, discount & gift coupons, shipping & tax profiles, order management & customer management. We also offer comprehensive reporting options with our solution that gives you a clear picture on your sales, P&L, bestsellers, key customers etc.

We understand the security concerns and risks and we provide help getting your website PCI Compliant. We implement high encryption SSL Certificates to secure the transactions and sensitive data transmitted over your website.

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